Are you prepared to become an employer when you hire a caregiver for your elderly mom, dad, grandfather, or grandmother, taking on responsibilities including providing paystubs, remitting payroll taxes and pension plan payments, in addition to making sure you follow labor laws in your region? How about the initial hiring process – do you know what kind of qualifications to look for in a caregiver, how to run a background check, and what qualities or credentials are a sign of a great eldercare professional? If it all seems like a bit much to you, know that you’re not the only one who’s looked at this task and asked if there wasn’t a better way.

Home care agencies can take a lot of the stress out of your life from finding compassionate, trustworthy, qualified personal support workers to managing all of the stresses of being an employer. The reason many people decide to hire PSWs themselves is because they’re putting a lot of trust into someone to care for their beloved elderly relative – family members who suffer from dementia, cancer, limited mobility, and other conditions that mean they need assistance. But there are agencies out there that can go above and beyond when they’re hiring caregivers, and with more resources, better job opportunities, and high standards, they can find the best, most qualified caregivers out there.


Here’s how the process works at one agency called Mavencare, which offers connected home care through its mobile app to bring families closer to the home care process, even when they live far away from their older loved one. First of all, they filter candidates based on the certifications required and available in the region, in addition to medical requirements for the specific work they’re doing. For example, personal support workers who provide nursing care post-surgery or for an injury must be registered nurses.

Second of all, candidates are thoroughly screened: their certifications, references, and health and safety records are all checked. Agencies like Mavencare don’t just take certified caregivers and assign them to clients, they continue to provide orientation and training in addition to carefully matching them with clients’ needs. Ongoing training provides further specialization in their field, one such specialization being Montessori Method for Dementia, an innovative application of Montessori education tools applied to people with advanced Alzheimer’s or other dementia-related illnesses. Certification in the Montessori Method for Dementia is one of the more popular specializations in home care for seniors from Mavencare, because it’s about improving the quality of the life and self-worth of individuals with very advanced symptoms.

Finally, when you’re looking for an agency to work with yourself, look at how they match families with caregivers. Some agencies have adopted algorithm technology to account for a number of different preferences and requirements, accounting for a family’s medical needs, personality preferences, language preference, location, and time commitment in order to connect them with ideal caregivers. This attention to detail is why working with an agency is so superior to hiring by yourself; don’t settle for less when it comes to the quality of life for your elderly loved one. Get first class home care today.

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