treatment A hernia is a common medical condition for people in Hampshire and across the UK. Unfortunately a hernia can be uncomfortable and cause problems – the best way to treat a hernia is with hernia surgery. Here is some information about hernia treatment in Hampshire to help you make the best decision about your health.

Open Surgery for Hernia

People typically think about open surgery when they think about hernia surgery. Open surgery is when the surgeon makes an incision next to the location of the hernia and repairs the hernia by working on it through the incision. Open surgery is a traditional route to treat hernia in Hampshire but it has a longer recover time that more modern forms of surgery, and there is a risk of complications.

Laparoscopic Surgery for Hernia

As compared to open surgery, this is a minimally invasive surgery that has a shorter recovery time and is generally quicker. Smaller incisions are made in the area close to the hernia and the surgeon uses tiny instruments inserted into the incisions to perform hernia repair. He or she sees the work on a screen as the operation is performed. This form of hernia surgery in Hampshire is widely available and is a more modern solution than open surgery for hernia.

The recovery process for open hernia repair is long and you may not be able to move normally for around six weeks. However, the risk of a hernia reappearing is higher with laparoscopic surgery. It is not always possible to repair a hernia with laparoscopic surgery so you should ask your Hampshire doctor for advice.

In both open surgery and laparoscopic surgery the hernia is placed back into its correct position and the weak tissue is strengthened with synthetic mesh. The mesh helps to keep the hernia in its correct place and helps healthy tissue grow to support the muscle.

Alternatives to Surgery for Hernia

In Hampshire, doctors generally suggest hernia surgery as the best treatment option as other solutions may help ease discomfort but they will not make the hernia disappear. It always helps when you keep within a healthy weight range so you do not put excess pressure on the hernia. Also, you can avoid eating particularly large meals and improve levels of discomfort by avoiding foods that cause heartburn.

Medication for Hernia

If you suffer from a hiatal hernia you can get prescription medication that ease the symptoms, including blocking the production of stomach acid that helps to minimise problems associated with heartburn and reflux.



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